Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sorry, I forgot about the blog and have just been CRAZY busy.

Vada turned one and had a great birthday party, sometime this week I will try and upload all the pictures.

I have another baby that I'm watching during the day and his name is Daxin. He is such a sweet little guy!

Okay, here we go, this is what I'm going to talk about today.

I recently volunteered to help with the local swim club and after wearing my old speedo, (the one that I bought my senior year of high school) a few times and realizing the butt is ALMOST becoming see through, which if you didn't know, in speedo's the butt is ALWAYS the first thing the chlorine will eat through and make you buy a new suit. I would wear my casual suit during practice but with all the diving and flip turns, it's not exactly made for those things and I don't want to scare children.

So I saved my pennies and finally bought a TYR suit. (By the by, why is Speedo SO much more expensive than TYR?) Don't get me wrong, they both are expensive but at least TYR offers some affordable cute swim suits unlike speedo who the only cheap ones they offer are all completely plain and have weird twisty backs. (I am very particular about my suits if you couldn't tell.)

Sorry, back to the practices, It is going really well, the kids are pretty good and the head coach is very nice.

That's all I've got.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Million Dollar Idea

My friend from high school is getting married next month. Now, normally I wouldn't have given another thought and would have just sent a card saying "Congrats!" but this is one of my GOOD friends. So we're going.

I thought about what to get him and his lovely bride-to-be, usually we just give a check, but I wanted to do something crazy for once and buy something off of the registry. I now kind of regret it.

So, here is my million dollar idea, when a bride-to-be or mother-to-be registers for something, I feel as though when you look at the item online it should say "THIS IS HUGE AND WILL TAKE UP SOME STORAGE" or "THIS IS SMALL BUT MAKES YOU LOOK CHEAP".

The UPS man brought this HUGE box up to the house and I was very confused. I open it, and it's the picture frame that I ordered from the registry. I thought it was going to be something medium sized but not something so big that it takes up 1/4 of my couch.

I realize that most picture frames say the dimensions on the site, but I so stupidly ignored it. It's not like the picture frame itself is huge, it's the ridiculous amount of packaging and the fact, I can't wrap the frame by itself without random corners poking through.

I now have a full month to keep it out of Vada and Charlottes reach, and protected long enough to make it to the wedding, after that. It's theirs to figure out where to put it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Pocket Watch

I have started to use Clinton's old pocket knife as our weed eater. There isn't much grass in our yard and that weeds were really starting to become out of control.

This was a terrible idea.

So I texted my mom and my sister to see how much a new weed eater would cost.

In the text I said, "Are weed eaters expensive? This pocket watch crap has got to go."

To which my sister said "What? I'm so confused..."

After some explanation, I think it just verified that I'm crazy and garden with spoons and weed eat with pocket knives. I use what I have and what's free, okay? 

I'm just cheap when it comes to gardening and yard equipment apparently.  

Here is proof I can grow something without killing it!
Sorry you'll have to turn your head sideways to look at it.


Monday, March 11, 2013

The Poopmeisters

I have a cold and when I have a cold, I automatically become stupid and I say and do things I regret. 

I know I need to get out more when both girls have poopy diapers and after changing them I think, hey, they both where the same color! Wonder what they ate? As I'm sitting here thinking of everything Vada ate yesterday I stopped and just thought "What is wrong with me?!"

In other news, Vada is standing by herself really well and even took her first step! She has 5 teeth now.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The What If's

As I'm sure most of you know, a year ago today is the day that Clinton and I lost our house to the tornado. All day we've been talking on and off about the what if's and how God, our guardian angels, whatever you believe was on our side that night.

We still can't believe that we walked away without a scratch, and that the front door window (which was about 2 seconds from braking) didn't explode all over us.

What if the house was taken completely off it's foundation? We later found out from the structural engineer that the house wouldn't have lasted much longer and it would have been blown off it's foundation and we probably would have been seriously hurt.

What if I ignored the window shaking in it's pane by our bed and hadn't left? Well a tree branch went through that window and glass was all over where I had been laying.

What if we had headed into the basement and the walls caved in on us? Because that's exactly what would have happened if we had been 5 seconds faster.

I still can't believe that I didn't cut my foot on glass while walking barefoot around the house.

I still remember calling my mom right after it happened, still in shock, not knowing what to say or do.

I still remember not feeling Vada move (then baby Huser) for at least 2 hours after the storm and how terrified I was at the doctors that something happened. But weirdly, my blood pressure was the best it had been throughout my entire pregnancy that day. I think God knew we couldn't handle it if I had to be hospitalized again on the specific day.

We are eternally grateful for the help and support everyone has given us this past year and we love you all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Challenge Thee To A Fight

I did something stupid.

 I challenged Clinton to a snow ball fight. Which, to his credit he said he didn't want to and I had to talk him into it.

It wasn't until I was walking on the back side of the house scared that he was going to pop out and throw one at my face that I realized just how stupid my idea was.

During our epic battle, Vada was watching through the screen door cheering (yelling) for mom to beat dad. But after Clinton throwing a mountain of snow and nailing me in the face, he won. And I built a snowman.

Vada LOVED going outside in the snow, only problem was she couldn't move in her snow suit so she can only sit up for a minute before it becomes too much and she kind of mimicks a tree that's just been cut down and topples over.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Day

6:30 am- I wake up, shower and get dressed.
6:50 am- Get Vada up, change her diaper and feed her
7:20 am- Leave our house to go to Kelli's.
7:30-40(ish)- Arrive at Kelli's to see Char pointing at Vada and Vada usually smiling to get out of her carseat.
7:45-50 am- Char starts waving bye bye to Kelli and Kelli leaves to go to Clinicals.
8-10am- Girls scream, play, eat, nap and climb all over each other. Charlotte figures out that I have yet to get it through my head that the bathroom door doesn't shut without me closing it, and she seems to know when it's not latched. I see her head for the hallway and dash to shut the door.
10 am- Story time. Or in the girls point of view. 15 minutes of aunt Stephanie reading books we listen to a whole minute and then decide we're bored and go back to playing, but aunt s/mom keeps reading and then shoves the book in our faces say, "Look at the dog/bird/baby/duck/troll!"
11 am- Kelli comes home for lunch and Char starts waving bye bye to me, and speed crawls to her mama.
11:30 am- Char has a meltdown because Mom is leaving again, and Aunt S is still there. But as soon as aunt steph let's Char pull/play/climb over her face or hair, she immediately forgives me and at that point, Vada has her thinking face on and is attacking my hair.
12 p,- Lunch for all
1 pm- if it's nice out, we go outside to look at doggies, or go for walks and go see mommy/ Aunt Kelli at the hospital
2-4-play, nap and eat.

Kelli comes home and Vada usually has a meltdown that she has to get back into the carseat. But Charlotte is SUPER happy her mommy is home and doesn't have to share anything, anymore.